Business Trading Hours

Monday to Friday      9.00 am – 5.00 pm

Saturday                    9.00 am – 12.00 pm


Emergency Assistance - We are Available 24/7 hours


We can be contacted 24/7. Any amendment to an existing will incur an additional fee from the airline or land supplier. While you are overseas you can contact us with any situation and problems that may arise while you away. Normal ticketing and service fees apply. Any queries that require airline assistance where their offices are closed, our after-hours fees will still apply to all transactions. Fees will be charged directly to your invoice.

  • Circumstances will be taken into account. Please provide supporting documents to help us assist you in waiving any charges and any additional fees that may apply.

  • After booking (not issued tickets) First change to your booking is free and after that there is a charge of $55 pp fee per booking.


Appointments made outside office hours will incur the additional following fees

The fees are as below:

  • Monday to Friday                6 pm to 12.00 am        $150.00           for first 2 hours

  • Tuesday to Saturday           12 am to 8.30 am        $200.00            for first 2 hours

  • Saturday and Sunday         12 pm to 8.30am         $200.00            for first 2 hours

  • Public Holidays                   Anytime                       $250.00            for first 2hours


NOTE: 3RD hour will be charged at $65.00


Merchant Fees

All Banks charge Merchant fees. These fees will be added onto the invoice.

  • Visa / MasterCard         1.25 %

  • Amex                             2.75%


Cancellation Fees

  • Same day cancellation is allowed and is called “Tickets Voided” which will incur a fee of $35.00 pp.

  • Full Cancellation will incur fees from the airlines or suppliers and they all vary.

  • The conditions of the tickets will be advised at time of booking making sure we have provided you with the appropriate product for you.

  • Note: Tickets must be cancelled on day of issue or otherwise be subject to refund conditions and charges.


Re-issue Fees

  • After tickets have been issued any changes made will incur reissue fees from the airlines or suppliers.

  • Any voluntary changes requiring re-issue will have a fee of $75.00 pp.

  • Involuntary fees due to any changes made by the airline or supplier, the fees can be waived by them. This will totally depend on the airlines or suppliers conditions.

  • Re-validation fee $25.00


Domestic Tickets Cancellation Fees:

  • Any non-commissionable airfare airfares will incur fee of $35.00 pp one way

  • AD75/AD50 requests fees are from $53.00 to $180.00.


Non-refundable Tickets or Land Component

  • If the ticket is not voided or cancelled on the same day as issued it will be subject to refund conditions and charges.

  • If cancelling is due to unforeseen circumstances please provide all supporting documents at time of applying for a refund however please note there will still be non-refundable fees such as taxes in the ticket component.

  • Additional fees will be charged by the airline, at their discretion. All supporting documentation must accompany your refund request. Refunds cannot be processed without supporting documentation.

  • Refunds are subject to airfare conditions. Refund processing fee $60.00.


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